Jennifer Chernecki's interests lie in creating emotive portraits of humans and animals that conjure up a sense of intimacy and wonder, as if the viewer is stumbling upon a ritual or a selfless act.

Jennifer Chernecki is a Vancouver-based artist and curator who works primarily in drawing, oil painting, mixed media sculpture and digital media. She is a graduate of the Emily Carr Institue of Art and Design and currently makes her home and studio in Vancouver's eclectic Mount Pleasant neighborhood. She is available for commissions, projects or exhibition opportunities.

                                                      Jennifer Chernecki Donkey Go Down Illustration

Daily Poof,
Daily PoofDaily art blasts providing gifts of inspiration and visual meditations for all to enjoy. May be used daily to inspire creativity, achieve inner peace and locate problem areas within the psyche.
Meditative Art,
Meditative ArtVancouver-based Artist, Jennifer Chernecki, teaches a one hour art session to share her active meditation practice.
Space Party Commission,
Space Party CommissionA commissioned oil painting created for a Vancouver family as a gift to their first children, twins Oscar and Louise. The piece was made in collaboration with the ideas of the parents to inspire curiosity and wonder through familiar objects and a secret interactive counting look and find,

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