Oil Paintings straight outta Vancouver, Canada

Jennifer Chernecki's interests lie in creating emotive portraits of humans and animals that conjure up a sense of intimacy and wonder, as if the viewer is stumbling upon a ritual, practice or selfless act.

Jennifer is an artist, designer and curator who works primarily in drawing, oil painting, mixed media sculpture and digital media. She is a graduate of the Emily Carr Institue of Art and Design and currently makes her home and studio in Vancouver's eclectic Mount Pleasant neighborhood. She also keeps a dance practice and quietly persues acting.

She is available for commissions, special projects or exhibition opportunities. Or crazies. 

Levee Doxipin in his Box

Upcoming Shows: 

I have been asked to paint at a private function on April 21st for the entertainment of fancy people. Sorry, invite only.  

In the meantime,  I'll keep working on my Party At Jen's fashion experiments and maybe I'll even pick up the ole brush :D  

I like to Poof it, Poof it,
I like to Poof it, Poof itPoofing daily since over a year ago , Ms. Chernecki explores the events of her psychic science experiment using her oracle deck which features the artist's prolific body of work.
Party at Rath's,
Party at Rath'sFor my turn as the featured artist at Rath Art Supply in Mount Pleasant, I chose to turn the window into my studio and host bi-weekly afternoon painting/shopping parties.

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