Party at Rath

Party at Rath's

Live painting open studio in Rath Art Supply in Mount PLeasant Vancouver. Residency project for the month of December 2017.

Last month I had a Party at Rath's every Wednesday and Saturday for a couple of hours at the end of the day. Rath Art Supply is a small but stacked independant art store on Main St in Mount Pleasant. It's right in the thick of a bustling creative neighborhood.  I decided to be a bit crazy so I used my alloted exhibition space as a studio twice a week over the course of the Month. It was sort of a residency or guest artist situation. Not only did I reconnect with many neighbors and friends, I finished up several works in progress and made significant progress on one of the works in my Ouevre project. 

The scene was hot and crazy! Shoppers visited, friends stopped by, famous artist came by to pick up supplies. At one point in the bustling afternoon rush,  I practiced my current scene study piece with an actress friend, while shoppers caught wisps of our strange conversation as patient and psychiatrist. It was quite a time. 

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