The Gropp's Gallery Artist Collective was the result of a Micro-Utopic Impulse which occured at 144 East 6th Ave, Vancouver, in 2008. Joanna Karczmarek - a fellow artist and crazy lady - and I founded the residency project in the historic 1889 James Black Residence. We were both working in heritage at the time, she, the Curator at the Mission Museum and I working for the Pitt Meadows Museum. We were fresh from the European tour and ready to start a friend project that grew and grew. The house quickly became known as the Gropps Gallery due to the discovery of a c. 1940s metal sign we found being used as a kitchen patch floor.

Here is my story.

Firstly, the house motto: Clean and Not Angry

I decided to dedicate my time to rebuilding the archive. These are not all my pictures, rather the photos I collected along the way. Please email me if I have not given you proper credit. 


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