Donkey Party,

Donkey Party

36 x 36 Inches
Oil on Canvas

Looking for a Donkey Party but got no barn? Always chose Eeyore over Piglet or  Pooh? You're here because you're still searching for the perfect ass and this little donkey will not dissapoint.  Donkey comes with her own MicroUtopic mini environment, including best friend pup, lean-to shack with Pile O' Hay ®, sweet peas snacks and human hand for casting spells. 

Adopt this adorable Jenny today!  

Part of Jennifer Chernecki's ongoing series, Adoption Agency, Donkey Party questions the ideas around virtual pets, and as extension, virtual life. Inspired by the fun fad of tamagotchi with a pinch of Polly Pocket, Donkey Party presents the concept of "animal" as consumable, adorable adornment without the mess or responsibility that accompanies a live being. The work also references the modern experience of vicariously living through the screen, which in turn reflects back the larger idea of life in the simulacra.

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