My Little Miniature Horse,

My Little Miniature Horse

30 x 30 Inches
Oil on Canvas

My little miniature horse is looking for a new furever home. Horsey comes in his own MicroUtopic environment which includes fence cat side kick, fancy barn, apple grove and chamomile plantings for calming medicinal teas and to lightly scent the barnyard air. 

An apple is openly gifted, reminding us to take what is offered: we already have everything we need.

Part of Jennifer Chernecki's ongoing series, Adoption Agency, My Little Miniature Horse offers an adorable yardmate without the mess and responsibility of barn cleaning or daily exercise.  The work - as all the Adoption Agency works function - questions the role of animals in our modern society. It alludes to the My Little Pony franchise  and offers the sacred plant of chamomile as a calming and decorative element. Jennifer's cat Simon cameos as fence cat. 


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