Good Old Boys

A new series of works by Jennifer Chernecki portray a group of men known to the artist.  The men, who confront the viewer face on, share similar physical qualities such as, age, race, facial structure and even (by coincidence) all have blue eyes.  The neutrality produced by the similarity in physical appearance is important to the sensibility of the project: the subjects are placed into complex environments that we (the viewers) look to associate with the men portrayed.  The rich grounds composed of surrealist imagery and painterly abstractions encourage us to find or link the sitters to the narratives they (environments) evoke.
Identity according to Jennifer Chernecki is acquired and adaptable and that who we are perceived to be is determined by societal factors and intricacies.  The reward granted in this series of works is the journey one takes to discover the self in a world rife with constant change.

Bruce Pashak

April, 2011

The Rescue
The Connection
The Understanding
The Opening
The Victory
The SerenityThis Picture Has Been Sold

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