Sometimes we must remove ourselves from a situation in order to truly find its meaning. Conversely, we often miss understanding something because we don’t bother to pay enough attention to the small details. My work addresses these issues.  I make art that exists on two levels, both spatially and metaphorically. The two ideas are relative but often contradict each other when considered simultaneously. In today’s culture we are bombarded with ideas and signs that we readily accept without really taking the time to investigate them. The goal of this work is to inspire curiosity and wonder.

My Neck of The Woods
Life Bridge Between Two Worlds
The Tragic Dilemma
Bee YourselfThis Picture Has Been Sold
Pet Stores Scare MeThis Picture Has Been Sold
Speak Lightly Little OneThis Picture Has Been Sold
Key to the NuthouseThis Picture Has Been Sold
Get Her Before He StrikesThis Picture Has Been Sold
Bleeding HeartThis Picture Has Been Sold
I WonThis Picture Has Been Sold
This is the Night: The Moment at which One Realizes What is at the End of OneThis Picture Has Been Sold

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