Bee Yourself,
This Picture Has Been Sold

Bee Yourself

36 x 24 Inches
Oil on Canvas

            “Bee Yourself” is part of a series of paintings that are inspired by ideas based on old wives tales or urban legends. They speak of a moment of awareness and contemplation, of being discovered while performing a deeply personal act often stemming from radical knowledge and archaic belief systems.  Throughout the painting process the root idea is allowed free reign to grow and change as I weave in ideas from my personal study of color, composition and light and provide semiotic cues to suggest or inspire possible narratives in y'alls.  This style of painting, as one that evolves and reacts throughout the entire practice, forces both artist and audience to challenge established ideals, meditate and wonder, not only on the image facade but also on the painting process itself as an act of discovery. 

Also part of my grad work at Emily Carr. 

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