Adoption Agency,

Adoption Agency

Adopt a painted pet in Vancouver today. Economical, easy to care for pets for animal lovers and haters. Giclee Prints available upon request.

Why shop when you can adopt? 

Jennifer Chernecki's has too many pets.  She paints them because she can't bear to leave them trapped in her head but she is running out of space for them all! You could support her Adoption Agency by taking one of these loving pets off her hands.


"I was thinking like more of a live animal," you say. Well, I say "Who doesn't need more time to themselves, fewer bills and less vomit on the floor?"  With an Adoption Agency investment, your new pet will require little to none of your precious time, save for those moments of admiration and social entertainment. A Chernecki pet also doesn't eat and never dies!

Floofy, beans and spot need great homes too... great homes with you!* 

See Our Current Adoptions! 

Jennifer Cherneckis Pets

* Generous Rehoming fees apply. 

We are here to provide furever homes. All adoptee art parents must interview with one of our pet placement specialists (Jen). Book an interview. 

Looking to hold on to your pet, forever? I accept commissions.        


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