I like to Poof it, Poof it,

I like to Poof it, Poof it

Poofing daily since over a year ago , Ms. Chernecki explores the events of her psychic science experiment using her oracle deck which features the artist's prolific body of work.

To learn more about Daily Poof, try it here:   ?DAILY POOF?

So, every day, I pull the Daily Poof. Either alone, after a quick meditation, or with a guest, who I lead through the process.   I'm getting better at it. A few days ago, I meditated, looked up at my shelf and noticed the 1965 Brownie hand book which the lovely folks at Hemmingways in Abbotsford had found, after a request made many months earlier and gotten to me for the pin change charge of $8.00.  I looked at the book, saw the promise card flash through my head and shortly, randomly selected the exact same card. That's about a 1 in 75 chance! Woop! 

Daily Poof - my practice of meditating, chanelling the Divine Poof, selecting a card at random, accompanying it with a hint of wisdom and sharing it over social media and my website is now over a year old, having started around March 17th, 2017. I never missed a day since those first Poofs, although I am sort of flaky on Twitter and FB... depends on where I'm at with social media that day...  Must automate everything! 

I have written the deck, for the most part. I still occasionally "tweak" a description or add a card but I found that after creating the deck and starting the random draw process, the meanings of the cards (which literally popped into my head) were always very close to the descriptions I had written the first time around... it was only my quirky hooks that were really changing. So the cards are magic. and hold deep intrisic meanings, maybe. 

The Poofs are generally incredibly accurate. One time I drew the Share your Cookies card with a friend, after she brought me to Cartems to treat me with her donut coupon. By "with" I mean that we do the process of selecting the card together, so it is only practical to call the results shared.  It is also a fun party trick and THE BEST way to meet grandmas on the sea wall. 

My aspirations are to expand the project into a physical deck and further develope my web version into a multilevel program for the fun and enjoyment of all the kids everywhere*

*You can also get it on Instagram


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