Space Party Commission,

Space Party Commission

A commissioned oil painting created for a Vancouver family as a gift to their first children, twins Oscar and Louise. The piece was made in collaboration with the ideas of the parents to inspire curiosity and wonder through familiar objects and a secret interactive counting look and find,

This piece was created in collaboration with my dear patron, an author and long time friend/creative conspirator and her husband. The couple purchased the painting as a gift for their twin babies. 

The piece involves a counting challenge using 1 - 10, like find 4 sheep and 6 bears. We also incorporated local plants and recognizable animals as well as references to their Commercial Drive neighborhood, the British Columbia landscape and animals visiting from a family member's home country of Malaysia. 

The challenge was to create a special party atmosphere that exists in an outer space place. I offered the fort structure which is based off a miniature model I had created previously.

Other significant details include: 10 space salmon, all of whom must wear bowls on their head when leaving the stream, allusions to and tangents off Blue Willow China, Okanagan peaches, a foxglove band and the Dagaraad beer logo, the couple's brewery.

It was quite a journey.   

Space Partyyy

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