The Glad Walk 2020 - A Neighborhood Small Grants project,

The Glad Walk 2020 - A Neighborhood Small Grants project

Over the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic and lockdown, I worked with my Garden Buddy and Neighbor, Tom McLauchlan on this Victory Garden.

In 2020, my neighbor Tom and I planted over 300 new Gladiolus bulbs over the 200 meter frontline of our apartment building garden, which we tend. The Glads were beautifully complemented by many other lilies, dahlias, poppies and a huge variety of perennials that we already grow. 

It was hugely successful as a colorful and vibrant relief to the dullness of a pandemic year, Most of our neighbor residents in the Essex apartment building expressed delight in seeing the show as they came and went and sat in the front gardens (we have a really huge front lawn). Our Glad Walk signage (which expressed that it was supported by the NSG) drew attention to the ongoing 3 month display of Glads followed by dahlias and other late perennials and preceded by our gorgeous lily display. Passerbyers were equally impressed, and paused in their daily walks to admire the view and often chat with us (at distance). 

We did have one big surprise and that was that not all the bulbs we put in flowered this year. Many that did were also on the weak side. We learned that Glads often take a few years to really establish, and we are learning to protect these bulbs over the winter and prep them for this year. The majority put on a good show but we believe that summer 2021 will be a much stronger display. 

We definitely plan to plant our bulbs deeper next year and to invest in more compost and soil in general. Soil is always an issue for city gardeners, as due to rodent issues, we cannot make our own compost. 

All in all, it was a fantastic experience and the community was appreciative; in fact, they loved it, and let us know.  

I spend a great deal of my free time in my garden. Sometimes maybe even too much time. But I believe that the beauty and imagery I capture comes back to me, full circle, as I spend much of my Fall and Winter working off of the photos I've collected. There's something about creating visual art from one's own images - I believe the work reads as more informed, more personal and with a clearer vision: authentic.    

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