Baroque Hyper-Realism and Comparisons to Norman Rockwell,

Baroque Hyper-Realism and Comparisons to Norman Rockwell

"Emeregence" works reviewed by Vancouver Sun reporter, Lloyd Dykk

"I even looked twice at, and reconsidered, stuff that I'd thought at first morbid and adolescent: Jennifer Chernecki's The Tragic Dilemma and Key to the Nuthouse. I still don't like them, especially the former with its mother robin looking askance at the snake just breaking free from its eggshell in a nest of hatchlings, but now I could see from the baroque hyper-realism of its draftsmanship that there was probably more to the idea than Norman Rockwell on acid. "

Lloyd Dykk for the Vancouver Sun 

Review for: 

Elliott Louis Gallery 258 East 1st Ave.
Aug. 21 to Sept. 6, 2008

haha.. what a ... nice guy... "probably" 

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