Upcycled Stories Documentary,

Upcycled Stories Documentary

A musical, bike-themed documentary about the history and culture of Mount Pleasant, Vancouver, told through people and marionettes made of bike parts.

Jennifer Chernecki was one of the primary featured Vancouverites in artist Sarah Van  Borek's Upcycled Stories.

Chernecki's character is featured in her Mount Pleasant studio with her pup Levee. The artist begins the segment talking about her work and artistic practice but eventually dérives into speaking on the history and cultural significance of the neighborhood and her work with the Mount Pleasant Heritage Group and the Gropp's Gallery Artist Collective.  Jennifer and Levee's likenesses were recreated as bike-part marionettes to be used in both the film and public outreach of the project and they feel deeply honoured that their community would choose to portray them in rubber and metal.  

Being a well-rounded individual, Ms. Chernecki also studies a wide range of dance forms, Her Contemporary class at Idance Studios was also featured.  

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