HAWC Trading Card ThumbnailJennifer Chernecki's interests lie in creating emotive portraits of humans and animals that conjure up a sense of intimacy and wonder, as if the viewer is stumbling upon a ritual or a selfless act.
Her work is strongly emotive in many capacities and she is known for her highly detailed craftsmanship and deeply layered imagery. Thematically, her work is easily accessible and appeals to a wide demographic of ages and cultures. The artist draws inspiration from nature – always including the plants and animals she finds to have important significance into her work and then reinterprets them into her own specific Micro-Utopic world. Jen often remarks that she is making her paintings for children. They create room for conceptual discourse while equally being available on a simpler level of, often humorous, observation and storytelling.
Her works also evoke a strong emotional quality. The subjects, whether they be animals, humans or animate objects, always engage with the viewer, causing a sense of wonder and curiosity. The paintings hold small secrets, hidden imagery and untold stories and leave the viewer with the feeling that there is much more to understand in this imaginary time-space. They act as visual puzzles, giving the audience the chance to “solve” them. In this way, they become active and this active engagement stimulates growth, awareness and creativity.

Jennifer Chernecki's Ass

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